egypt direct selling anionic polymer flocculant for mining

Sep - 17

egypt direct selling anionic polymer flocculant for mining

flocculants | solvay

Flocculants | Solvay

We offer a variety of flocculant technologies to meet the industry’s changing needs today and in the future, including anionic, nonionic and cationic flocculants for optimum performance in many types of applications.

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anionic flocculants for mining process - sinofloc chemical

Anionic Flocculants For Mining Process - Sinofloc Chemical

SINOFLOC anionic polyacrylamide flocculants, widely used in mining operations, is suitable for using as a settlement and centrifugation aid in many different mineral processing applications and is particularly effective under very low PH conditions, as encountered in acidic leach operations.

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flocculants - mining technology

Flocculants - Mining Technology

Products & Services In most mineral processes where there is a need for sedimentation, filtration or centrifugation then a flocculant or coagulant is often desired. The NASFLOC range offers a broad spectrum of products ensuring maximum performance and cost-efficiency in these applications.

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chemical flocculants - kemira

Chemical flocculants - Kemira

Kemira produces a full range of cationic dry powder flocculants / polyacrylamides (CDPAM) in a range of molecular weights. We also offer a full range of cationic inverse emulsion (CEPAM) flocculants of different cationic charge densities and molecular weight variants. Polymers in emulsion form typically have faster make-up times, as well as

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anionic polymer flocculant & polyacrylamide powder - sinofloc

Anionic Polymer Flocculant & Polyacrylamide Powder - Sinofloc

SINOFLOC anionic flocculants are co-polymers of acrylamide with increasing proportions of acrylate groups, which give the polymers negative charges, and thus anionic active character, in aqueous solution. Our anionic polyacrylamide is available in solid powder and emulsion forms. Email Download Anionic Polyacrylamide (PAM) Specifications:

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high molecular weight anionic polymer flocculant - accepta ltd

High Molecular Weight Anionic Polymer Flocculant - Accepta Ltd

Description. Accepta 2047 is a high performance; anionic flocculant based on a high molecular weight latex emulsion polyacrylamide co-polymer. It is scientifically formulated for use as a flocculant in effluent and wastewater treatment applications.

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