high-efficiency phthalate ester plasticizer of pipe

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high-efficiency phthalate ester plasticizer of pipe

phthalate plasticizers - university at buffalo

PHTHALATE PLASTICIZERS - University at Buffalo

The specific type of plasticizer that is of concern to this report is the phthalate plasticizer. Phthalate plasticizers are the most commonly used plasticizers in PVC. The PVC polymer chains are attracted to one another, and therefore from a very rigid structure. The phthalate plasticizers are added to PVC to help the chains slide against each

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plasticizers: types, uses, classification, selection & regulation

Plasticizers: Types, Uses, Classification, Selection & Regulation

Diisotridecyl phthalate (DTDP, C 34 H 58 O 4) MP: -28 to -27°C BP: 350°C DTDP is the highest weight dialkyl phthalate to be used as a plasticizer. It was widely used as a high temperature plasticizer for PVC until trimellitates came into existence. It needs high processing temperatures for compounding with PVC.

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cn105330539a - production process of dibutyl phthalate

CN105330539A - Production process of dibutyl phthalate

Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is that a kind of plasticizing efficiency is high, broad-spectrum softening agent product, and the main primary plasticizer being used as celluosic resin and polrvinyl chloride product, is specially adapted to nitrocellulose resin.Have excellent solvability, decomposability and tackiness, the flexibility of paint film and stability are also good.Good with the

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synthesis and properties of isosorbide-based eco-friendly

Synthesis and Properties of Isosorbide-Based Eco-friendly

Plasticizers are used to convert PVC, a rigid plastic, into a soft, flexible, and elastic material. A plasticizer that is compatible with PVC and exhibits low volatility, good permanence, and high efficiency is referred to as a primary plasticizer. A secondary plasticizer has the opposite characteristics of a primary plasticizer. The amount of

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phthalate - an overview | sciencedirect topics

Phthalate - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

Phthalates, or phthalate esters, are a group of chemicals often included in the production of plastics, such as serving as plasticizer to enhance the flexibility of polyvinyl chloride (NTP-CERHR 2000, 2005, 2006 ). An important source of human exposure to phthalate is food, especially fatty and processed food.

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what are the main types of plasticizers? - wsd chemical

What are the main types of plasticizers? - WSD Chemical

In this work, a novel high efficiency plasticizer, an ester-capped oligomeric lactic acid mixture (EOL), was successfully synthesized by a two-step esterification reaction, with L-lactic acid as the main raw material.

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phthalate-free high efficiency plasticizer improved - dow

Phthalate-Free High Efficiency Plasticizer Improved - Dow

than benzyl butyl phthalate. The graph below represents results of depression testing with DOWANOL™ LoV 485, benzyl butyl phthalate, diisononyl phthalate (DINP) and a benzoate ester in a waterborne acrylic emulsion (RHOPLEX™ 3805 Acrylic Emulsion). Typical Product Properties* Value Molecular Weight (g/mol) 490.69 Boiling Point (at 760 mmHg

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effective, environmentally friendly pvc plasticizers based on

Effective, Environmentally Friendly PVC Plasticizers Based on

high heat conditions and are less likely to volatilize out of the compound than are monomeric plasticizers. Polymeric plasticizers are resistant to extraction by solvents, oils and fluids, and they resist migration to other polymer compounds in contact with the PVC material. In short, polymeric plasticizers provide greater permanence than

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cn104961925a - ester plasticizer - google patents

CN104961925A - Ester plasticizer - Google Patents

is a high-boiling organic solvent that, when added to a rigid substance, imparts flexibility. Plasticizers include a large variety of organic liquids, such as petroleum fractions, coal tar distillates, animal fats and plant extracts, and reacted products made of those materials. Ester plasticizers, the subject of this paper, are the latter.

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