poly aluminium chloride should use specific treatment

Oct - 05

poly aluminium chloride should use specific treatment

standard for the supply of polyaluminium chloride for use in

Standard for the Supply of Polyaluminium Chloride for Use in

document has been referenced and only for polyaluminium chloride intended for use in water treatment. 1.4 Uses in Water Treatment Polyaluminium chloride is used in the water treatment industry for the coagulation of organic and mineral colloids prior to sedimentation and/or filtration. The aluminium

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3000 lit. The raw materials anhydrous Aluminum chloride, Sodium chloride, CPC Blue, cupric chloride is charged lot wise into the reactor with continuous stirring. Aluminum chloride and sodium chloride are used as solvent while cupric chloride is used as catalyst. Heating is provided simultaneously to melt the mixture up to 150 to 1600C.

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phosphorus removal by adsorbent based on poly-aluminum

Phosphorus removal by adsorbent based on poly-aluminum

Utilization of Spent Aluminium Chloride generated during manufacturing of CPC Green and 2, 4, 6-Trimethyl Benzoyl Chloride 43—3 Product Usage / Utilization The liquid Aluminium Hydroxide Chloride/Poly Aluminium Chloride will be utilized only in the Effluent Treatment Plant as coagulant and Pulp and paper industry as sizing material and in

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poly aluminium chloride – pacwatertreatment

Poly Aluminium Chloride – pacwatertreatment

PAC 02 Powder. There are four types of polyaluminium chloride for sale with different content of AL2O3 and basicity. Among them, PAC 30% 01&02 is used for drinking water treatment, while PAC 30% 03&PAC 28% 04 is used for industrial wastewater treatment. The four types can be easily distinguished by color, from white, light-yellow to deep-yellow.

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safety data sheet - department of environmental protection

SAFETY DATA SHEET - Department of Environmental Protection

Aluminium chloride, basic / Polyaluminium chloride: Conclusion: Calculated as Al />/487 mg/kg/LD50 Acute inhalation toxicity Aluminium chloride, basic / Polyaluminium chloride : LC50/Rat/>/5.6 mg/l/OECD Test Guideline 403 Aluminium chloride, basic / Polyaluminium chloride: LC50/Rat/>/1.4 mg/l Conclusion: Calculated as Al

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