sri lanka the anionic polymer flocculant manufacturer for mining

Sep - 16

sri lanka the anionic polymer flocculant manufacturer for mining

flocculants | solvay

Flocculants | Solvay

The CYFLOC®️ Series is the latest advancement in flocculant chemistry for the industry. We offer a variety of flocculant technologies to meet the industry’s changing needs today and in the future, including anionic, nonionic and cationic flocculants for optimum performance in many types of applications.

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chemical flocculants - kemira

Chemical flocculants - Kemira

Kemira produces a full range of cationic dry powder flocculants / polyacrylamides (CDPAM) in a range of molecular weights. We also offer a full range of cationic inverse emulsion (CEPAM) flocculants of different cationic charge densities and molecular weight variants. Polymers in emulsion form typically have faster make-up times, as well as

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high molecular weight anionic polymer flocculant - accepta ltd

High Molecular Weight Anionic Polymer Flocculant - Accepta Ltd

Product Benefits. High performance anionic flocculant based on a high molecular weight latex emulsion polyacrylamide co-polymer. Ideal for a range of effluent and wastewater treatment applications. Effective over a wide range of pH. Will flocculate suspended solids.

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flocculants - mining technology

Flocculants - Mining Technology

As Nasaco specialises in the mining industry it has built its flocculant range based on 20 years experience in the field and offers a range of products in the following categories: Nasfloc 1000 series: Non-Ionic powder flocculants Nasfloc 2000 series: Anionic powder flocculants Nasfloc 3000 series: Cationic powder flocculants

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polyelectrolyte exporter in sri lanka, polyelectrolyte

Polyelectrolyte Exporter in Sri Lanka, Polyelectrolyte

In Sri Lanka. High Molecular weight Flocculant Polymers available in Anionic, Non Ionic & Cationic grades Description High molecular weight flocculants are capable of promoting flocculation by neutralizing superficial electric charges of sludge particles in the water & unstabilising each individual particles.

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polyelectrolyte in sri lanka- anionic flocculant in sri lanka

Polyelectrolyte in Sri Lanka- Anionic Flocculant in Sri Lanka

Polyelectrolyte Anionic Cationic Flocculant in Sri Lanka Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of Polyelectrolyte in Sri Lanka, Anionic Flocculant, Nonionic Flocculant in Sri Lanka, Cationic Flocculant in Sri Lanka and Cationic Coagulant offered by Innova Corporate (India), Delhi

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