Rubber accelerator TBzTD-70

Jun - 08

Rubber accelerator TBzTD-70

  • Product Name: Pre-mix rubber accelerator TBzTD-70
  • Other Name: Environmental-friendly TBzTD-70 masterbatch
  • EINECS No.: 404-310-0
  • Molecula Formula(MF): C30H28N2S4
  • Formula Weight: 554.82
  • Appearance: light yellow granules

Package: Net weight 25kg/PE bags lined carton; Net weight 600kg/pallet. Shelf-life : 1 year in its original packaging Stored in a dry and cool place.

Storage Condition:

Supply Ability: 20000.00MT/Year


Shipping Mode: By Sea,By Air

Shipping Port:  CHINA

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,O/A,D/P,D/A,CAD,Western Union

TBzTD can lead to high processing safety and faster cure rate as an accelerator of natural rubber and synthetic rubber vulcanization. TBzTD satisfies requirements of“Technical Regulations for Dangerous Materials” TRGS 552 about toxicity of nitrosamines in Germany and not release carcinogenic nitrosamines during vulcanization. Addition of thiazoles or sulfenamides accelerators can slow the vulcanization, shorten scorching and vulcanization time and vulcanization without significant increases . It can be activated by alkaline accelerators such as aldehyde- amines and guanidines.

Compared to traditional TBzTD powders, TBzTD-70GE F140 allows:

Dust free products with a complete filtration up to 100µm, no skin sensitization, health guard of operators.

Effective guarantee of activity of TBzTD due to pre-dispersed masterbatch.

Tack free products at room temperature, convenience and accuracy on ingredients.

Lower Mooney viscosity at lower temperature (50℃), higher quality of dispersion.

Impurity free, blocked filter free of extrusive products, scrap rate reduction and higher productivity thanks to filtration.

Wider compatibility with other elastomers.

We are a leading manufacturer of Polymer bound pre-dispersed rubber chemicals& additives masterbatch;

Specialy used for automotive industry, with high quality and competitive price.

We have passed IATF16949, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 Certifications.

Our Pre-dispersed rubber chemicals masterbatch range:

1. Thiazole, Thiuram, Dithiocarbamate, Guandine and Thiourea accelerators, CBS-80, CTP-80,DPG-80, MBT-80, MBTS-75,TBBS-75, TBzTD-70, TDEC-75, TMTD-80, ZBEC-70 etc

2. Vulcanizing agent, S-80, IS60-75, IS90-65, DTDM-80, HMDC-70 etc.

3. Antidegradant, TMQ, 6PPD etc.

4. Scorching retarders, CTP-80, Retarder E-80 etc.

5. Foaming Agent, ADC-75, OBSH-75 etc.

6. Eco-friendly Accelerator, ZDTP-50, TP-50, Retarder E-80, ZBEC-70, TBzTD-70, TiBTD-80 etc.

Our Pre-dispersed rubber chemicals masterbatch advantages:

No tack phenomenon

Higher efficiency

Faster dispersion

No loss of material during mixing

Better product stability during storage

High process reliability & consistency

Pre-dispersed rubber chemicals assist customers to achieve a better economical performance:

Homogeneous dispersion & better quality & scrap rate reduction

Higher productivity & active material reduction

Increase of the reliability

Heathly work improvement & reduction of the PPE costs & ease of handling

Improvement of cleaning process & lower environmental footprint

Pre-dispersed rubber chemicals masterbatch can be applied for:

Automotive rubber seal strip;Technical rubber parts, wiper blades, seal, hose, belt, anti-vibratory and soundproof parts, etc. Rubber tires;Rubber shoes sole, boots etc

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