Plasticizer Manufacturer Supply TBC ATBC

Jun - 24

Plasticizer Manufacturer Supply TBC ATBC

Essential details
CAS No.: 77-94-1
Other Names: Tributyl citrate
MF: C18H32O7
EINECS No.: 201-071-2
Type: Plasticizer
Purity: 99%
Application: Plasticizer

Tributyl citrate

Tributyl citrate Quick Details

Chemical Name: Tributyl citrate

CAS No.: 77-94-1

Molecular formula: C18H32O7

Molecular weight: 360.44

Tributyl citrate Typical Properties

Items Specifications
 Appearance  Colorless oily liquid, slight odour
 Assay  99.2%
 Acidity(as citric acid)  0.04%
 Water(wt)  0.03%
 Color(APHA)  20


Tributyl citrate Package

200kg/drum, IBC drum or according to the requirement of clients

Tributyl citrate Usage

  1. Used as a gas chromatography stationary fluid, plastic toughening agent, foam remover and nitrocellulose solvent
  2. Plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene copolymer and cellulose resin.
  3. This product is a non-toxic plasticizer, which can be used to make non-Chemicalbook-toxic PVC pellets, making food packaging materials, children’s soft toys, medical products, and plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride, vinyl chloride copolymers, and cellulose resins.
  4. Mainly used as a plasticizer for vinyl resin and cellulose resin

Tributyl citrate Storage

Stored in a cool place. Keep the container closed and stored in a dry, ventilated place.