Anionic polyacrylamide for Incense Making

Jun - 23

Anionic polyacrylamide for Incense Making

Anionic polyacrylamide for Incense Making PAM

This product can rapidly improve the performance of incense blank and the quality of incense. Our product is best choice for incense making due to its high viscosity, combustion tasteless, sufficient combustion, high hardness, high smoothness, not back to soft, convenient used, stable performance, bending resistance, strong flexibility. The most important is non-toxic to the human. Besides, comparing to traditional process, its viscosity is 3-10 times than before.


Item Anionic
Model GO-WT003
Appearance White Granule Powder
Solid Content(%) ≥90
Molecular Weight(million) 23-33
Degree of Hydrolysis(%) 35-45
Insoluble Matter(%) ≤0.2
Solution Time(min) 90-120
Residual Monomer(%) ≤0.05
Effective PH Value 5-14

Packing & Delivery

25KG paper-plastic composite bag, or as orders. Its powder can absorb the moisture and become the block matter, thus it should be kept in dry, cool and ventilating place. The product warranty is 24 months.

Company Profile

Our product series mainly have inorganic chemical product, organic product, rubber additives, plastic additives, animal feed additives, water treatment additives, oleochemical, construction agents and other 50 species, etc. Widely applied to Rubber, Leather, Cable, Plastic, Pharmacy, Water treatment, Building and multiple industries.
Nearly 20 years international trade experience, the product is exported to America, England, France, Japan, Russia, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, more than 100 countries and regions.
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The production department executes strict production management system, passed ISO9001:2000 Quality certification and other needed qualification.