Coagulant Powder Polyacrylamide PAM

Jun - 21

Coagulant Powder Polyacrylamide PAM

Product Description

Flocculant Anionic Cationic Nonionic Polymer Polyacrylamide Phpa

Polyacrylamide is simply called PAM, a water- soluble high polymer and widely used in petroleum, paper-making, metallurgical,textile, chemical and environment protection fields. There are three categories of anionic, cationic and non-ionic type.It is widely used in many fileds like Water Treatment, Oil Exploration, Sludge Dewatering, Paper Making, Textile, Sugar Making, Coal washing and Incense Making, etc.PAM can also be used in many other fields like Coal washing, Ore-dressing, Sludge Dewatering and so on.

Anionic Polyacrylamide:
Anionic PAM is mainly used in minerals selection, metallurgy, coal washing, food, steel, spinning and papermaking industry which involves separation of solid-liquid and waste water treatment. Anionic PAM can also be used for oil well and oil extraction in oil industry, and retention aids and intensifier in papermaking industry.
Polyacrylamide PAM advantages:

1. Easy to dissolve, dissolve time 40min.
2.It is with high performance and it can adapt to a variety of conditions.
3. The dose is small and high efficiency.
4. High molecular, molecular weight 22million.
5. High purity, without impurity.

Application Method:
Being used,PAM should be dissolved in solufion of 0.1-0.3%,If not use the matched dissolving and dosing system,a solution should be put in the diluted cans,Practice on machine via screw pump and adjust the amount according to the according to the actual sifuation.
Application Field
1 Oil field exploration and development, geology, water conservancy, Coal exploration.
2. Used for drinking water purification, water purification, municipal sewage sludge, municipal solid waste and industrial
3. Paper-making industry for the clarification of liquid caustic soda, fiber dispersing agent, can improve the beating, the filler retention agents, paper strengthening agent, can be used to improve the treatment rate and the white water recovery;
4. Used in textile, carpet industry, sizing, quick-setting cement, synthetic resin coating. Photosensitive polymers, adhesives, dispersing agent, as well as agricultural soil gel, slurry stabilizers, soil amendments;
5. The sugar syrup for the industry to clarify the agent;
6. Can be used as aquaculture feed additives and adhesives;
7. Oil field drilling drag reducer:
8. Drilling fluid additives;
9.Fracturing fuid additives