PAM for Drilling Exploration

Jun - 22

PAM for Drilling Exploration

Generally, the exploration or development of oil, natural gas and other liquid and gaseous minerals requires the use of mechanical equipment or manpower to drill a borehole or a large water supply well from the ground. The product used in the process of oil field drilling, exploration or petroleum development can improve the rheology of drilling fluid, carry cuttings,moisten the bit and increase the speed. It can greatly reduce sticking accidents, reduce equipment wear, and prevent lost circulation and collapse. 99 granule series products can be recommended if it is required to have a certain degree of salt tolerance, resistance to degradation and high viscosity in the later stage.
Products Description
Model Number
White Particles
Solid Content(%)
Molecular Weight (million)
Insolubles (%)
Dissolution rate

Others application:

Oil Drilling Grade PHPA/PAM
polyacrylamide is used as the drilling mud property adjusting agent widely used in oil exploration, profile control, plugging agent, drilling fluids, fracturing fluids additives.

Water Treatment Grade PAM
PAM is used in urban sewage treatment, paper making, food processing, petrochemical, metallurgical, miner dressing, dyeing,sugar making and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment.

Mineral separation PAM
Flocculant for mineral separation is the chemical used in the solid liquid separation procedure of chemicals, not only can be used in theseparation of minerals and ores, but also can be used as a flocculant in waste water treatment, mining and sealing pipes.

Coal Washing Special Pam
polyacrylamide according to the different needs of chemicals. They have good stability, strong adsorption bridging ability, good flocculati-on, fast flocculation speed resistance to temperature and salt and
other characteristics.

Paper Making Grade PAM
Polyacrylamide Save raw material, improve dry and wet strength, Increase stability of pulp, also used for treatment of wastewater of paper industry.

Textile Grade PAM
As a textile coating slurry sizing to reduce the loom short head and shedding, enhance the antistatic properties of textiles.